Trak Racer Triple 3 Monitor Floor Mounting Gaming Event Stand – Holds 22-33″ LED LCD TV Monitors

Premium Construction, Adjustable Pedals, Shifter & more

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Item Number: TM-B3-27-KIT

Important. Monitor and Simulator Not Included. These parts are included in the images for illustration purposes only. ​ Trak Racer Triple Monitor Stand Mach 3 – For Monitors 22″ – 35″ Full Adjustable Triple Monitor Stand for all Simulators Suits most moni

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2 Year Frame Warranty

Additional information

Weight 22.5 kg
Dimensions 0.85 x 0.95 x 0.2 cm


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Interest in your 3 monitor stand, the large one. But I need more height, i’ll be using it behind a desk with a 11” high shelf.I need at least 65 to 70 inches.Is there a way to extend the vertical height.

Question by: Greg Drzyzga on 20 Nov 2018 11:32:41 pm

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Hi, you could make a bracket to lift it up if you need

Does this mointor stand come with all 3 mointor stands?

Question by: Nolan Tabor on 9 Dec 2018 11:56:12 pm

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Hello, yes all 3 mounts for 3 monitors are included.

Any idea on when these will be back in stock? I would love to make this my rig.Cheers,Joe

Question by: Joe Giardina on 22 Feb 2019 04:51:59 am

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Hi Joe, we will receive monitor stands in around 5 weeks

I’m interested in a triple monitor stand for 3 curved 32 inch monitors. The long dimension of my monitors is 28.1 inches. The smaller of the stands you have says it’s for up to 33” monitors in the title, up to 35” monitors in the description and one of the pictures shows the width of the monitor should not exceed 25 inches. Which is correct? Do I need the small or large stand? If the large stand is required, will there be and gaps between the displays? Will the side stand arms protrude beyond the display?

Question by: Andrew on 6 Dec 2018 12:29:28 am

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Hi Andrew i recommend the larger stand for your monitors. It will be suitable for your requirement.

HiWhen do you have the stand for 3 TVs??I need to buy copick and stand The prices 699 are Americans ? ThanksWalter

Question by: Walter vicente on 19 Mar 2019 04:11:49 pm

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Hi Walter! - Yes, we do have 2 sizes Monitorstands supporting Vesa 75/100/200.   If you want Tripples, we have the tripple arms. There is a also the TR-80 / TV mounting brackets, if you want TV.  But i guess Consolles does not support Tripplescreen, so maybee better using monitors with lower refresh rates And then you choose the Simrig you want, RS6/RS8/TR8! - Should be in stock US, exept of the TR8 as will arrive a bit later ;-)


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